15 Things You Should Not Miss on Your South Africa Adventure Tours
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South Africa has slowly emerged to be among the finest and most exciting tourist destinations. It has everything to make it the perfect getaway destination, from pristine beaches to sprawling vineyards and lush natural beauty to spectacular wildlife. The rich history, culture and impressive resorts and other infrastructure also has contributed greatly to make South Africa adventure tours one of the most sought tours by people all over the world.
There are myriad things to do and places to visit in South Africa but it may not be possible to experience each and everything in just one holiday. So, we are listing here 15 of the best things about South Africa that you cannot afford to miss on your vacation.


Richtersveld Transfrontier

Rugged, arid, hot and notoriously fierce, Richtersveld offers some of the most dramatic landscapes of the country, with merciless looking mountains and arid region and vegetation that seems to be inspired by a science-fiction movie.



Known as the “Dragon Mountains”, Drakensberg is the highest peak of South Africa, offering a spectacular panorama with waterfalls and rock art, and a wonderful opportunity of mountain hike.


The Wild Coast

A part of the Eastern Cape, it offers complete peace and solitude along the splendid and remotely located subtropical coastline.



The oldest residential region of Cape Town, Bo-Kaap is the most colorful dwelling you may ever see with truly captivating Georgian architecture.


Game Trails

Spot the exotic and rare wildlife of the region through a guided hike and South African safari in the famous Kruger National Park.


Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park

The best game reserve of KwaZulu-Natal, it offers inimitable variety of activities for spotting wildlife, including thrilling night drives to satisfying self-guided walks and more.



The largest township of South Africa, Soweto is a treasure trove of the culture of the African blacks and how the spend their lives.


Striking Architecture

Behold the artistically decorated Basotho huts along the Maloti Route which are characteristic of the area in the eastern Free State.


Aldo Elephant National Park

Experience the majestic elephants and the Big Five in Aldo, at the end of the exciting Garden Route.


Wild Flowers

Best to visit in following a shower of winter rains, the usually bleak and dry terrain of Namaqualand can be seen exploded with myriad colors of wild flowers, painting a rustic and beautiful picture hard to come by.


Traditional Handicrafts

Find a variety of beautiful arts and crafts in many rural and even some urban areas such at the region of Venda in Limpopo.
Traditional Handicrafts


Wine Routes

The Cape town’s wine estates are the perfect mixture of stunning landscape, Cape Dutch architecture and a few of the finest vintages.


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Watch the imperial cheetahs, meerkats and many other desert denizens in their natural habitat of the harsh yet mesmerising Kalahari.


Whale Watching

It seems as a surreal dream to watch the gigantic and transfixing whales which often come amazingly close to the shore off the Cape Coast.
whale watching


Robben Island

Located at a small distance of an hour and a half from the bustling town of Cape, Robben Island is infamous for jail feeding and incarcerating several political prisoners including the well known, Nelson Mandela.
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