Adventure Honeymoons: Because For Some Couples Cocktail Sipping isn’t Romantic Enough

If the thought of laying on a beach or going on a cruise for your honeymoon is unappealing, never fear there is another option, the adventure honeymoon. More and more couples are requesting unique and adventurous honeymoon packages. Often this is inspired by images on social media but mostly adventurous couples want to stay active even on their honeymoon. Those who crave thrill and adventure in their lives want to start their new life together by sharing adventures. Here are a few great Adventure Honeymoon Ideas to help inspire you.


Scuba Dive or Hike: St. Croix

The Caribbean with its azure waters and tranquil beaches is one of the best honeymoon destinations. If you look beyond the all-inclusive hotels, you can find a lot to fill your need for adventure. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling to experience the myriads of colorful fish and explore the gorgeous coral reef. There are many dive companies offering dives or snorkel trips according to your skill level. St. Croix is also blessed with great opportunities to hike. Lace up your boots (and throw in your swimsuit) to hike to secret, private beaches and incredible view sites.

Mountain Bike Along Haleakala Volcano: Hawaii

Hawaii is the ideal place if you like to have a balance of adventure and romance in a picturesque island setting. In Maui you can race your bike down the breathtaking 10,000ft high dormant volcano enjoying the gorgeous scenery as you go. You can also add hiking in the rain forest or along the Na Pali coast in Kauai to the lovely Hanakapi’ai falls. Of course a honeymoon to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without snorkeling and kayaking.

Ski or Hike the Rocky Mountains: Colorado

Colorado has something for every couple, whether you are planning a winter or a summer-themed honeymoon. In the winters you can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, ice-skating or snowboarding in the daytime and sleigh rides in the evenings. Summers are packed with plenty of action too with long treks, river rafting, horseback riding and much more.

Windsurf at the base of Arenal Volcano: Costa Rica

Cost Rica is one of the adventure honeymoon destinations that offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy active days of watersports or fishing at the coast, and then travel inland to explore the nature trails in the lush cloud forest of Monteverde. For a fun adrenaline rush, try SUP-ing or windsurfing Lake Arenal, situated at the base of the active Arenal volcano.


Kayak at Night in Fajardo Bay: Puerto Rico

Nothing speaks romance and thrill than night-time kayaking in the Fajardo Bay in Puerto Rico. What adds to its beauty is the enchanting phenomena of bio-luminescence. This is created by sea creatures called dinoflagellatas, that light up the bay with a slight movement of your paddle. You can also explore the marvelous natural caves of Rio Camuy which are created by an underground river. Why not add surfing in Rincón and trekking in a tropical rain forest in El Yunque to round out the adventure honeymoon.