6 Things Not To Miss On Your Visit to Costa Rica
National Park

Plush with breathtaking rain forests and majestic wildlife, Costa Rica is no less than a haven for a traveller. The small country packs in itself bucket loads of beauty, pleasure and adventure that’s enough to make your trip worth remembering for a lifetime. So, though hard to narrow down the list of the many things to do on your Costa Rica Trip, we are giving you the top 10 which you simply can’t miss.


Blanketed in heavy mist at all times, that gives the foliage its striking electric green appearance, this cloud forest of Monteverde is the home to 450 varieties of orchid in addition to the pretty quetzal bird. You can go on a hike here or take a relaxing canopy tour. You can also visit the coffee and sugar plantations in the area or visit the local cheese making communities.

Manuel Antonio National Park

The place is the true identity and also the USP of Costa Rica. You can enjoy the pristine beaches with white sands or the go visit the adjacent rainforest with mischievous and marvellous wildlife there. You can walk on its trail and spot monkeys hanging from the treetops and probably stealing your food or sloths lazily lying around. Or you can go for snorkelling off the pristine beach.

Arenal Volcano

If you are here for Costa Rica Adventure Tours then you are here for this. This perfectly conical volcano which was until very recently been active and spilling hot amolten lava is a must visit attraction. And what’s more is that you can showoff your daredevilry here as you enjoy the many adventure sports ziplining through the canopy in Arenal National Park , visit hot springs or do snowboarding at the volcano’s base.

Central Valley Coffee Plantations

Surrounding the bustling capital of Costa Rica, are verdant and cool hills that are ideal for coffee production. It is also the home to some very beautiful traditional towns. You can visit these plantations and learn everything about your favorite beverage, stay overnight at a lovely boutique hotel in one of these sleepy little towns.

Corcovado National Park

Biologically diverse, the Corcovado national park in Costa Rica is the home of the big cats of the region. You can find in its rainforest animals like Jaguars along with other unique animals like tapir, scarlet macaws, giant anteater, while its mangrove swamps shelter crocodiles. The park is also the home to bull sharks.

Limon Carnival

If you thought Costa Rica is all about sleepy little hamlets, reposeful beaches and peaceful forests, its time to see the other side of the country. If you are visiting in October, or better still do visit in the month to see the wild party spirit of the place, celebrating their roots of West Indians. It is the time for the carnival in Peurto Limon which is the coastal city of Caribbean. You will find here an explosion of colorful costumes, dancing people and spicy Creole food in the streets.

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