Adventure Honeymoons: Because For Some Couples Cocktail Sipping isn’t Romantic Enough If the thought of laying on a beach or going on a cruise for your honeymoon is unappealing, never fear there is another option, the adventure honeymoon. More and more couples are requesting unique and adventurous honeymoon packages. Often this is inspired by images

Underwater Natural Wonders While I hesitate to classify St John as a natural wonder by virtue of its uniqueness, I do think it deserves an honorable mention. Imagine an island where more than half is a national park that nestles against picture-perfect white beaches that spill into aquamarine seas. Sunsets sear the sky with saturated

Swimming with Whale Sharks As the boat pulls up you can’t help but hold your breath as you see giant whale sharks gliding by. Not one… Or two…  But 50 of these beautifully graceful creatures welcoming you to their inner circle. And when you enter the deep blue ocean to swim with the whale sharks,